new coalition application

The New Coalition Application – What You Need to Know

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Tweet The new Coalition Application is the latest addition to the college application club. It lets you complete one application, but send it to multiple colleges. It joins the Common App and the lesser known Universal College Application. In this post In this post I’ll answer common questions about the Coalition Application: • What is the Coalition? • What is the new Coalition Application? • Which colleges use it? • How can you use the Coalition Application to your advantage? • Coalition Application vs. Common Application – Which is better?

early action and early decision

20 Early Action and Early Decision Questions and Answers

Mari DeCristo College Application

Tweet Early action and early decision programs are often confusing for many high school seniors. Both let you apply to college early, but they have some very important differences. In this post I’ll attempt to clear up some of the confusion by answering the most common questions about these two application programs. Important Note: Colleges vary in their early admission policies. Make sure you check the website of each school you’re applying to for its requirements. What is early decision? As I mentioned, with early decision you apply to college early, before the normal admission deadline. One of the benefits of this is that you find out early whether you’ve been accepted. The important thing to know about early decision is that you must attend the college if you’re accepted.  

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests and Your College Application

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Tweet Have you heard about SAT Subject Tests? They’re not talked about much in college planning conversations, but they’re an important part of a good application. Unfortunately, you may be one of the many high school students, who don’t know about them or find out too late. So, in this post I’m going to: describe what SAT Subject Tests are; explain how to use them to help you get into college; and answer some commonly asked questions.

college recommendation letter

How to Ask for a College Recommendation Letter

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Tweet Colleges want to know the real you. But getting to know you as a person, your personality, what drives you, what moves you, and what you are passionate about, is difficult for colleges. They can’t figure that out from your grades and admission test scores. (As they say, you’re not your grades and test scores.) So colleges rely on other, more human sources. And one very significant way they gain insight into the real you are through college recommendation letters from your teachers. In fact, as admission test scores have become less of a factor in deciding who is admitted, teacher recommendations and application essays have become more important.