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How to Research Colleges

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Tweet If you’re a junior or senior in high school, one of your goals is likely to find the right college. If you’ve started looking, you know there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there. It’s like looking at a mountain you have no idea how to climb. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most high school students don’t know how to research colleges or where to find the best college information. In fact, they often don’t even know what to look for. All understandable, as no one actually teaches you how to research colleges. What You’ll Learn in this Post   My goal for this post is to show you how to research colleges so you can find schools that are right for you. I’ll help you identify the information you need and then I’ll show you exactly how and where to find it. To start, I’m assuming you have a list of colleges you want to research. If you need help creating a list, click here for my post on How to Find Colleges – Starting the College Search Okay, let’s get started. Researching colleges is really a two-step process. Step 1: Identifying what you want in a college – This will guide your research. Step 2: Finding out whether a college has what you want – This is where you actually do your research. Below is a process that will help you identify your college needs and show you resources that will make your research productive and fast.  

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How to Find Colleges – Starting the College Search

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Tweet How do you find colleges to apply to? If you’re just beginning your college search, you may have asked yourself that very question. And in the back of your mind, there’s probably a slight fear of not being able to find colleges that interest you. My advice is to just start. Immersing yourself in the search process is the best way to eliminate that fear. Why? Figuring out how to find colleges when you’ve never done it can seem overwhelming. However, once you’re into the process, you’ll quickly find that there are many colleges where you’ll be happy. My goal for this post is to show you a step-by-step process that will help you find colleges to research and possibly apply to.

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Making a Final Decision on a College

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Tweet It’s the beginning of April and college acceptance notices are starting to find their way to homes everywhere. There’s joy. There’s disappointment. More importantly, it’s time to decide where to spend your next four years. Everything you considered when you chose colleges to apply to is more important now and worth a second look. Four years is a long time and a lot of money. So as you consider where you want to enroll, start by remembering why you want a college education in the first place. Here are some thoughts to help you.

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College Visits – How to Plan a Visit to College

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Tweet College visits can be a big factor in deciding where you’ll go to college. For many prospective students, it’s the “feel factor.” That’s the feeling you get when you visit a college campus and know that it’s the right place for you. College visits are important, but they require planning. In this post we’re going to discuss what you need to do to ensure a productive visit.